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Encore: Becoming Unoffendable

Seems like there’s plenty to be upset about in our world. We can even get personally offended by the actions and comments of others around us. Here’s a radical, relational idea: What if you can become unoffendable?

Fear Not

Fear Not

Fear paralyzes. It catches us off guard. Fear seeks to write a story that robs us of hope and joy. This is why God so often reminds us, “Don’t be afraid.” That first Christmas, shepherds were awestruck at the angelic announcement of a Savior. But they were also...

Things Happen When We’re Grateful

Things Happen When We’re Grateful

We’ve seen what can happen when our church gives and serves and loves. We influence our surrounding region in profound ways. But we change too. We get influenced by our own acts of generosity and kindness toward others. But there’s another practice that can literally...

Things Happen When We Love

Things Happen When We Love

One of the last things Jesus told his disciples was that they should love one another the way he loved them. It sounds really good, and it is. But how did Jesus love his disciples, and what does that mean for how we love others? Great things happen when we love....

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Valuable Real Estate

I recently discovered that my night stand has a real estate problem. Since I’m a high-maintenance sleeper, it’s already fairly crowded with all the things I like to have close at hand – my phone and glasses, tissues, water, lip balm, cough drops, Kindle and such.

He Is There

Time and time again it is in the hard moments, in the dark moments, in the depths of my despair, that God shows his nearness to me. As I’ve walked the winding road, not sure of my direction, God has shown me that he is right beside me. He loves me fiercely and guides my every step.

Listening Prayer

The practice of listening prayer has opened my eyes to the “new things” God is doing. It involves making space to hear from God by quieting my soul, surrendering control and listening for His voice.

Peace on Earth

“Peace on earth” is still an illusion, thousands of years later. Peace in my house is an illusion, to be honest. So often my circumstances are not peaceful. I feel stressed, worried, and overwhelmed. So where is peace in a world that is full of turmoil?


As I was doing some gardening a few summers ago, I was struck by the irony of my thirsty pansies. I’d planted them around our well cover, to camouflage it and keep the mower away. I found it ironic that they were sitting right on top of the water source for our entire house, but had no way to access it. Their roots simply were not deep enough.
Which got me to thinking: How often am I thirsty, sitting right on top of the source of Living Water, but don’t access it?