by May 10, 2020Family, Sermon

We’ve all had parents. They’re responsible for at least some part of shaping how we got to where we are today. And our different kinds of experiences with parents have affected our thoughts on parenting. But what if we could broaden our idea of what it means to be a parent? What if we could see God and our idea of parenting in a different way? In this message, we’ll see that God has a lot more to say about parenting than we may think.

Discussion Questions

Read Matthew 28:18-20 (the Great Commission). What are some things that have held more importance in your life than the Great Commission?

How does the beginning of the Great Commission – Christ’s power – give you hope for spiritual parenting? Be specific in application.

How does the end of the Great Commission – Christ’s presence – give you hope for spiritual parenting? Be specific in application.

How does the idea of spiritual parenting change your view of Jesus’ call to make disciples?

How are you experiencing the joy of giving yourself away in parenting others toward Christ? How are you willing to invest as a spiritual parent, a Christ-like influencer, a disciple-maker?

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