Planting Good Seeds

by May 20, 2016Easy and Light

Planting Good Seeds

Plant the good seeds of righteousness, and you will harvest a crop of love. Hosea 10:12 (NLT)
My favorite seeds are beets. First of all, I love to eat beets, especially roasted with a little olive oil, kosher salt, and pepper. Beets have a long growing season: spring, summer, and fall. The seeds are pretty big, so they don’t get easily lost during planting. And the leaves have a reddish tint, so you can quickly know it’s a beet and not a weed. It’s so exciting when they first poke through the dirt! When you first put those seeds in the ground, it just looks like….dirt. It would be easy to forget there’s anything there. But with patience (and water), soon you’ll see the tiny leaves poking up, and in a few weeks you can harvest your first crop of beets.
God, thank you for working in our lives even when all we can see is dirt. Help us to be patient with the process. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Your story of redemption. Show us how we can live for Your glory, and give us Your perspective as we wait for You to reveal our piece of the story.

This applies to life in many ways. As a mom, I plant good seeds every day as I cook and tend boo-boos, help with homework and drive kids to practice, and as I take time to really listen as they show me their latest project or talk about a fight with a friend. Even when I’m having hard conversations or disciplining, I’m planting good seeds of righteousness. Those are opportunities to speak God’s truth into their lives, or extend grace after misbehavior. Sometimes parenting is difficult and frustrating. I know I’m planting seeds but all I see is dirt. Nothing looks different from the surface.

Maybe it’s not kids for you – maybe it’s a difficult relationship with a co-worker, someone you continually pray for and exercise patience with, but all you can see is dirt. Maybe it’s your marriage. Maybe it’s a job where you feel unfulfilled. Maybe it’s an illness. You’ve planted, you’ve watered, but all you can see is dirt.

Be encouraged that those seeds, planted in righteousness, are being nurtured by God. His love, His faithfulness, His power, His redemption – they are at work beneath the surface. It can be frustrating to wait, and wonder, and not get the results we expect. Our eternal God often doesn’t operate on our schedule. In His time, and for His glory, we will reap a harvest. And because He is good God, our good seeds will produce good things: a crop of love.

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