Promises Promises

by Jan 1, 2017Promises Promises, Sermon

Every year we seem to want to start off in the right direction. We make resolutions or promises that would help us be the person we have always wanted to be, but in the end we almost never fulfill the promises. Can you relate? I resolve to lose 10 lbs this year or I am going to be a better husband, father, son, Christian. There are numerous others that seem to just disappear not long into the new year. Why is that? Why is it so hard to keep those promises, resolutions and goals? Why do we always fall short in being the best version of us we can be? Believe it or not the Bible has something to say about this!

Searching for Reconciliation

Confronting others concerning biblical/theological compromise is never easy or pleasant. Such encounters must be handled with sensitivity to the needs of others, directed by spiritual wisdom and the Scriptures, and guided by the Holy Spirit. Paul closed chapter two of...

Searching for Courage

On the surface, hearing God and following His commands seems straightforward. However, when God calls us to do something that generates fear in us and feels daunting, second-guessing His call becomes reasonable. Finding the courage to obey such a call is overwhelming....