Compromise is everywhere. It’s a potential pitfall even for the most well-intentioned Christian. No wonder Paul reminds the Colossians to remember who they are in Christ. Affirming the life-changing benefits of a relationship with Jesus means we’re alert to even deceptive religious-sounding ideas—ideas and practices that constrict a believer’s freedom in Christ and replace it with legalism.

We’ve observed before in our Colossians study that it’s all about Jesus. In what sense is your life all about Jesus? What does that even mean for you?

The Colossian believers were surrounded by deceptive ideas. Read Col. 2:11-15. Note the specific benefits enjoyed by every believer in Jesus. (It’s an awesome list; make a few notes)

Only after Paul affirms who we are in Christ does he then tell us what to do. Read Col. 2:16-19. What are the practices Paul highlights?

Legalism is the deadly enemy of our freedom in Christ. What is legalism? Read Col. 2:20-23. What legalistic practices does this passage warn us about?

Why is legalism appealing to so many? In what ways have you moved from legalism to freedom in Christ?

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