Scandalous Grace

by Apr 2, 2017Baptism, Sermon

The word “scandal” often gets associated with things that are disgraceful, shameful, offensive or shocking. So, accusing God of scandal is…well…unthinkable. That is, until we look more closely at His grace. God’s plan of redemption through Jesus is scandalous. His grace offends our sensibilities and leaves us scratching our heads at this shocking plan to rescue human beings.

Investing for Life

One life. That’s all you get. So, it makes sense to pay careful attention how you’re living that life. The most important change in life occurs when we believe in Jesus for eternal life. We’re freely given a new nature and are guaranteed life after death. But until...

Your Number One Goal

Life presents us with no shortage of priorities to populate our goal lists. Have you cut through the alternatives to land on what’s most important for you? What’s your number one goal? It’s no surprise that God points us toward a single, focused direction. And baptism...