Seeing Salvation

by | Apr 2, 2023 | Mark's Gospel, Sermon

Isn’t it ironic. Through what appears to be a dramatic failure, Jesus achieved victory over every power raised against him. Through experiencing death, Jesus provides life for all who trust in him. As we explore Jesus’ crucifixion from Mark 15, let’s remember the victory Jesus offers us through his cross.

Read through Mark’s account of Jesus’ crucifixion in Mark 15:1-41. What do you think and what do you feel as you read this story?

How did different people respond to Jesus at his crucifixion…Israel’s leaders, Roman rulers, the crowd, the soldiers, Simon of Cyrene, the bystanders, the Roman centurion, and Jesus’ family and friends?

What are some different responses to Jesus’ crucifixion you have observed from different people? What response does the crucifixion inspire in you and how has that changed over time?

What have you heard from Sunday or read from the passage that give you reason to pause and carefully consider the message Jesus may be speaking to you for encouragement or challenge?

How might Jesus’ experience of suffering change your perspective on painful experiences or call you to compassionate actions?

Slowly, reflectively, quietly—read again the core of the crucifixion narrative in Mark 15:16-39. Silently consider what you have read. What do you hear and see from Jesus today?

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