Seen and Prayed For

by Nov 11, 2022Easy and Light

Seen and Prayed For

She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”

Genesis 16:13 (NIV)

On a clear, chilly night last November, I sat stiffly and restlessly in the waiting room of a local hospital’s emergency department. My husband and I had arrived before sunset, but now the night grew long and dark, even though I blinked under painfully bright fluorescent lights. I felt mentally and physically weary. It had been a long night following some tiring weeks and stressful months. Most recently, my husband had been battling a nasty flu-like illness. When his symptoms returned with a vengeance and multiple viral tests were negative, his doctor recommended the emergency room. Thankfully, the rest of the family had remained healthy. Yet, after short nights on the couch and lengthy days trying to alleviate his discomfort and keep up with daily tasks, I was exhausted. Meanwhile, the emergency room presented new anxieties and fears in the midst of Covid. I sat double-masked and nervous, waiting for an update. As the hours dragged on, my mind whirred: What was taking so long? Was it a mistake to come? What should I do while I wait? Maybe God wanted me to talk or pray with someone else who was waiting and worried, I thought. I scanned the room frantically, but no one made eye contact. As the space gradually emptied, I pulled out my almost-dead phone. A kind, gentle voice startled me. “Oh! Are you still here? You’ve been here a long time.”
Heavenly Father, I am overwhelmed that You, the Creator, Redeemer, and Living God, see and know me. Even more, you long for me to know You through Jesus. Help me to live from that place of being fully seen, loved, and known by You, that I may be one who truly sees and loves others. May all those who feel unseen know that You see and love them.

I looked up into the concerned, compassionate face of a stranger. She’d arrived with someone earlier and was on her way out. “May I pray for you and your husband?” she asked tenderly. As she prayed, her words flowed like soft music, selflessly and gracefully from a humble heart. When she left, my spirit revived and my eyes glistened.

Though her prayer was beautiful and meaningful, the greatest gift she gave me was that of being noticed. God had seen me and met my need through a dear sister in Christ. I was empty, and He filled me. I was weary, and He strengthened me with His word and His body. He saw me and knew my heart.

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