When Jesus Restores…

by | May 28, 2023 | Sermon, Unlikely Disciple

Receiving forgiveness and experiencing restoration can become pivotal moments that shape our character. Peter received a course correction for life as Jesus gently but powerfully restored their relationship and Peter’s role. Together, we can grow deeper into Jesus’ restoration work in our lives and the implications for how we follow Jesus after being forgiven and set free.

Read Jesus’ conversation with Peter from John 21:15-22 and the expanded passage John 21:1-25. Imagine that you are in the place of Peter hearing and responding to Jesus’ questions and commission.

How have you experienced forgiveness and restoration? What difference have those experiences made in your life?

What might have motivated Peter (singularly among the disciples) to jump into the water enthusiastically to get closer to Jesus?

Why do you think Jesus asks Peter three times, “Do you love me?” Why would Jesus have included Peter as one of the foundational leaders to help his church begin and what was he asking him to do?

What did you see in John 21 or hear from the message that you find challenging or encouraging?

As you follow Jesus, what could you consider stopping, starting, and continuing? 

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