Our immediate access to people and information through the use of technology has become a prevailing cultural norm. What has become the normal daily consumption of input can have a numbing effect on our soul and lead to our faith gradually growing thinner and thinner through neglect. Finding more of God and growing in our faith requires creating space for Him. Simple, intentional unplugging creates this space for us to experience the life-giving power of God while strengthening our ability to resist conforming to a pattern of constant attention-grabbing distractions.

How much of an impact does the availability and use of technology have on your daily life, both positively and negatively? Specifically, how does it impact the time you spend with God daily?

In addressing our use of technology and its assault on our attention, John Eldredge writes, “You can’t give God your attention when your attention is constantly being targeted and taken captive…and you’re cooperating.” What are your thoughts about this statement? Are there times when you find yourself “cooperating” with your attention being taken captive?

What habits and/or practices have you engaged in to help you to resist being conformed to the pattern of this world?

According to Paul in Romans 12:2, what does it mean to be transformed by the renewing of your mind?

Avoiding worldly distractions requires being intentional about creating space in your life for God daily? How intentional are you about creating this space? How much more intentional can/should you be? (Matthew 6:6, Matthew 6:33)

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