Family Relationships
A Temple Without Walls

A Temple Without Walls

In the second chapter of his letter to the Ephesians, the Apostle Paul says that believers in Jesus are being built together into a holy temple in which God’s Spirit dwells. It’s a beautiful picture of unity and of believers bound together in peace. However, that...

Parenting (Barely) Adult Children

During the teen years, I’ve gotten to watch our daughter and son transform from baby-faced middle-schoolers into one adult and one almost-but-not-quite-adult before my very eyes. Yes, there have been challenges and many tears (on both their part and mine!), but I love seeing the people they have become and are still becoming.

Living with a Full House

Last year, I started a new position that required that I work from home. A difficult adjustment on its own, this was also during the public school’s holiday break, and all three of my small children were also home. I created an office space in our spare bedroom in the basement, and within weeks, a usual occurrence began happening.

Leading Your Family’s Spiritual Journey

During these times, parents can be called to spiritually lead their families in a way that they haven’t had to before. If your kids aren’t able to attend Sunday classes, small groups, or church events, that doesn’t mean that their spiritual journey has to be on pause.

Nothing Like Family

As the family goes, so goes the culture. The idea of family is deeply rooted in our lives. We were born for family; it’s in our blood. And the idea of family is rooted in the heart of God. It’s more than an illustration. Family is a reality for anyone related to God....

How We Love

Our early life experiences, for better or worse, teach us how to love. Our guest speakers, Milan and Kay Yerkovich, will be sharing insights from their experience with Pastoral Marriage and Family Counseling.