Kids Experience May 17

Kids Experience May 17

They were able to have determination Peter and John saw many things and they went back to their friends and told them about everything God had done. Lots of people who had seen the healed man and heard Peter’s message about Jesus put their faith in Him. The number of...

Parenting During A Crisis

Coronavirus has changed all of our lives almost overnight. Wouldn’t it be great if years down the road, our kids look back on this time and their overarching memory is that they felt safe even in the midst of the chaos and confusion?


We’ve all had parents. They’re responsible for at least some part of shaping how we got to where we are today. And our different kinds of experiences with parents have affected our thoughts on parenting. But what if we could broaden our idea of what it means to be a...

Kids Experience – May 10

The Spirit helps us have determination It isn’t always easy to live God’s way. God knew that we would need help, so He gave us the Holy Spirit. When things get tough, we don’t have to rely on ourselves. When we believe and put our faith in Jesus, we receive the gift...