Faith Over Fear: How to Help Your Child Deal with Anxiety

Although anxiety is a reality, the Bible promises over and over the absolute assurance in the strength of God’s care. With our help, our children can come to understand that God’s love provides us with the peace our hearts long for amidst the trials and challenges of this life.

Kids Experience May 17

They were able to have determination Peter and John saw many things and they went back to their friends and told them about everything God had done. Lots of people who had seen the healed man and heard Peter’s message about Jesus put their faith in Him. The number of...


We are sinners AND Jesus died for us! Both are equally true and hold equal space. We must accept that we are helpless sinners without hope, but we don’t stop with that thought. Equally true is that Jesus conquered death by dying for our sins and giving us the hope of eternity with him

Parenting During A Crisis

Coronavirus has changed all of our lives almost overnight. Wouldn’t it be great if years down the road, our kids look back on this time and their overarching memory is that they felt safe even in the midst of the chaos and confusion?

Kids Experience – May 10

The Spirit helps us have determination It isn’t always easy to live God’s way. God knew that we would need help, so He gave us the Holy Spirit. When things get tough, we don’t have to rely on ourselves. When we believe and put our faith in Jesus, we receive the gift...

Begin with the Rocks

In order to focus on “being,” I needed to be willing to let go of “doing.” The two are mutually exclusive. I needed to quiet not just my body, but also my mind.

No More Goodbyes

There is a certain physical, almost visceral, longing in the heart of a grandparent when their kids live far away. I’m sure that you experience this longing when you miss your loved ones. Maybe you have had to say goodbye to a very significant person in your life whose death has left an empty place in your heart and at
your table and the grief has been a heavy weight this holiday season.

A Special Kind Of Love

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so… For many of us this simple song brings back memories of being tucked in at night and our Mothers softly singing us to sleep. Jesus’ love is a very special kind of love that expresses itself for many of us through...