The Invisible Kingdom

by May 6, 2019Falling Up, Sermon

Too often, reality for us is represented by what we experience with our five senses. But God works through an invisible kingdom often in invisible ways. He works differently than we might expect. In God’s kingdom, the way up is the way down. When we “Fall Up” we might even conclude that success is not defined the way we thought. God invites us to experience this invisible kingdom now. But be prepared; this kingdom is not only unseen but also upside-down.

Discussion Questions

In what ways has God used difficult things for good in your life? Can you think of examples?

Notice the references to the kingdom of God in the following verses: Matthew 10:5-8, Acts 1:3, 19:8, Colossians 1:13-14. Read John 18:36. What kingdom was Jesus referring to? What is this kingdom like?

In what ways is God’s kingdom upside-down? Read Matthew 18:1-4 and 20:25-28. How is greatness achieved in God’s kingdom?

How would you explain the following statement: God’s presence is more satisfying than His provision? How can this statement be true? How have you experienced God’s presence?

Read Jeremiah 2:13. What does a “broken cistern” refer to in this passage? Why are people prone to look for substitutes for God? What kinds of “broken cisterns” have you turned to in your attempt to find satisfaction?

What are some practical ways you might be attentive to the reality of God’s kingdom all around you?

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