The Secret to Learning God’s Secrets

by | Feb 27, 2022 | Secrets of God, Sermon

Sometimes God keeps secrets and sometimes He likes to reveal them. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is always true: God’s thoughts and ways are bigger and higher than our own. And He has a right to keep or disclose secrets as He chooses. But can we get to a place in our relationship with God where He generously shares His secrets with us? Is it possible that there is a secret to learning God’s secrets? Turns out, there is.

We will never fully comprehend God and His ways. Read Isaiah 55:8-9 and Romans 11:33. What do you notice about God’s bigness compared to our smallness? Why is feeling small before God a good place to be?

If you had to give a ten-minute, honest presentation describing your relationship with God, how would you portray it? What about your connection with God brings you joy? What about your relationship with God do you find defeating or confusing?

Read John 15:13-15. The secret to learning God’s secrets is found in this passage—friendship with God. What is friendship with God? What secrets did Jesus tell these friends? In what sense is friendship with God conditional (v. 14)?

How are you becoming a friend of God? What characteristics of friendship apply in your relationship to God?

Read the story of Jesus on the Emmaus road (Luke 24:13-35). What do you notice about how Jesus unfolded truths and ultimately His identity? How does Jesus’ desire for you to experience friendship with Him change the way you view what it means to follow Him?

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