The Unexpected Road

by Apr 14, 2019Road to Easter, Sermon

God’s purposes for humanity were unfolding before any of us were born. While God’s purposes are clear to Him, they may seem fuzzy to us. The road we walk can be filled with the unexpected—potholes and detours we never anticipated. In a parade of adulation, Jesus entered Jerusalem while the crowd waved palm branches in celebration. He would be crucified by the end of the week. What was God doing? And what can we expect from God as we walk the unexpected road?

Discussion Questions

Can you recall situations where you thought you knew what God wanted from you only to be confused by the circumstances that unfolded? Why is it sometimes difficult to trust God when things don’t go like we think they should?

Read Matthew 21:1-11. Why is this story typically called the Triumphal Entry? What might have been the mood of the disciples that day?

What contributed to the buzz about Jesus as He entered the city? (Hint: what miracle had Jesus performed just days earlier? John 11 and 12:9-11)

By the end of that week, Jesus had been crucified and His body had been placed in a tomb. The disciples were shocked and scattered. Why did they not absorb Jesus clear predictions about his death (Read Matt. 16:21-23, 17:22-23, 20:17-19)?

In our dark times, hope can provide incredible peace. What are your greatest challenges and how can you confront them with hope? What is the substance of your hope?

How can affirming the goodness of God be of help to us when we walk the unexpected road?

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