Things Happen When We Love

by Nov 18, 2018Be Rich 2018, Sermon

One of the last things Jesus told his disciples was that they should love one another the way he loved them. It sounds really good, and it is. But how did Jesus love his disciples, and what does that mean for how we love others? Great things happen when we love.

Discussion Questions

How do you know you love something?

On a scale of 1-10, how loving are you? Explain your evaluation.

Read John 13:31-35. What do you think the disciples’ reaction would have been to Jesus’ words in verse 33?

What images may have come to mind for the disciples with Jesus’ use of the phrase, “just as I have loved you”? Can you think of any specific examples of ways in which Jesus loved his disciples?

Read John 13:36-38. Like most of us, Peter wants to do the extravagant thing. But Jesus reminds him he can’t even do the simple things. Do you see a connection or dichotomy between Jesus new commandment to love and his rebuke of Peter?

How do you personally feel you show love? In what areas do you think you could love better?

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