Loving God completely influences us to love other people. Loving other people sounds like a good idea but can become difficult and complicated. What does it look like when we love other people extravagantly?

Read Matthew 22:37-40. How would loving God completely caused Jesus’ questioner and original audience to respond to Jesus? How does loving God completely influence us to respond to Jesus and to others?

Remember a time when it was challenging for you to love another person or group of people or a time when someone else may have found difficulty in loving you. What made it difficult and what was that experience like?

Read the story Jesus told in Luke 10:25-37 in a conversation similar to the one in Matthew 22. Imagine yourself as one of the characters in that story or a bystander watching it all happen. What do you see, hear, and feel? What do you think Jesus is teaching us from this story?

Who might Jesus be calling you to love right now? Can you identify a person or group of people difficult for you to love or in need of love? How will you show that person or those people Jesus’ love?

As we’ve discussed loving God completely, loving each other unselfishly, and loving people sacrificially—how have you been challenged? Did you hear anything that you’re unsure of or that sparked disagreement? Are there any areas of life where you feel challenged to grow?

Take a moment for prayer. Ask the Lord to help you become a person whose heart is full of devoted love for him and whose life shows his love to others. Ask the Lord to help LifePoint Church become a place where people feel and find Jesus’ love for them, and where we are actively engaged in loving others.

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