Day 2: We Three Kings

by Dec 2, 2020Christmas 2020, Devotional, Songs of Christmas

We three kings of Orient are
Bearing gifts we traverse afar
Field and fountain, moor and mountain
Following yonder star
We three kings, we three kings
Born a king on Bethlehem’s plain
Gold I bring to crown Him again
King forever, ceasing never
Over us all to reign
Oh, star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to thy perfect light
We three kings, we three kings
Myrrh is mine, it’s bitter perfume
Breaths a life of gathering gloom
Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding dying
Sealed in the stone-cold tomb

Iam one of three children, so growing up, time alone with either of my parents was special and cherished. One year for my birthday, my father surprised me with tickets to Florida to see the Baltimore Orioles during spring training. I was thrilled at the opportunity to get this time with my dad and so humbled that he felt I was worthy of such an extravagant gift.

Just as my father and I traveled to Florida for my gift, “We Three Kings” tells the story of three wise men traversing through the desert in route Bethlehem. As baby Jesus was greeted by the wisemen, he was given gold, frankincense, and myrrh — an interesting gift for a Jewish baby, but a gift worthy of a king. This king didn’t rule from an earthly throne or wear a crown of jewels but the magi still bowed down and worshiped baby Jesus and gave their gifts in reverence. It didn’t matter that Jesus was a newborn, the gifts were given in a humble act of veneration.

Myrrh is mine, its bitter perfume
Breathes a life of gathering gloom;
Sorr’wing, sighing, bleeding, dying,
Sealed in the stone cold tomb.

Glorious now behold Him arise;
King and God and sacrifice;
Alleluia, Alleluia,
Sounds through the earth and skies

The three kings were likely highly esteemed in their culture, so to bring precious gifts to a baby was a sacrifice of their image. As we come to terms with our own sin, we come face to face with the reality that we are broken and in need of a gift — the gift Jesus gave to us on the cross.

The baby whom the wise men visited and gave gifts to would soon grow up to be a man beaten, hung on a cross, and sealed in a tomb to later rise again and provide us with the best gift of all — an opportunity for a personal relationship with our Savior.

As much as I loved the opportunity to build my relationship with my father while watching the Orioles play in Florida that year, it is the relationship with my Savior I treasure most of all. 

Day 16: Silent Night

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