What in the World Are You Doing?

by Jun 12, 2016Sermon

Consider this exciting and sobering reality: You have one life to live. None of us sets about to waste the time we have on this earth. But unless we’re intentional about the way we live for God, we can easily live a distracted and unproductive life. Maybe it’s time for you to reassess how you’re living. Maybe it’s time to ask what in the world are you doing?


If you’ve ever felt like you sometimes work against yourself, your suspicion is well-founded. Inside of every one of us lies a capacity to make dumb choices and distance ourselves from God. From our earliest days, human beings have tried to hide from God. But it’s...

Who Changed The Rules

We each have ideas about who God is and how He works. We even believe that God operates by a set of certain rules. If I behave myself and do good things, good things will come to me, many confidently affirm. This arrangement of blessings for obedience is actually...