Your Lens for Seeing Life

by | Sep 11, 2022 | Joy Together, Sermon

Like the lens of our eyes (or eyeglasses), we all carry around internal thoughts, feelings, and ideas composing core beliefs that filter our everyday experiences and help us make sense of life. As the Apostle Paul writes a “thank-you” note to the church at Philippi that overflows with joy, he begins by providing insight into his core principles that help him understand life. What type of lens do you use to interpret life? Let’s take our first step to finding joy together by looking at life through the lens of Philippians 1:1-14.

Read through Philippians chapter 1 (in a couple English translations if possible for you). How would you describe what seems most important to the author (the Apostle Paul) from this passage?

Is it ever challenging for you to maintain confidence that God is working in your life, that his work really is good, and that he will complete that work?

What might make it difficult to hold onto that confidence?

What difference does it make to live with the confidence that God will complete his good work with you?

How could you develop confidence in God’s good work that includes you?

How might God be inviting you to be part of what he is doing right now?

As you begin reading the book of Philippians this week, what is God teaching you? Are there any action points where God is leading you through this book?

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