Your Wonders of Old

by | Nov 13, 2022 | Reflections, Sermon

Throughout the Bible, God tells people to remember. Maybe because we so easily forget. And there’s nothing better to call to mind than God’s faithfulness. His enduring faithfulness has been at work in the family of LifePoint Church for over 35 years. He has proven Himself over and over again. No wonder God tells us to remember. Reflecting on the past can help shape us into people filled with awe and gratitude for God’s goodness and presence among us.

This is a series about reflecting on God’s faithfulness with us over 35 years. What memories of our church do you have from the distant or recent past that cause you to be in awe of God and overflow with gratitude?

Throughout the Bible, God tells his people to remember and don’t forget. Read Psalm 77:1-15. How did Asaph use this power of remembering God’s wonders of old to encourage himself?

Read the following verses and notice the command to “remember.” (Deut. 32:7, Isa. 46:9, Ps. 103:2, 143:5). How does remembering God’s past faithfulness help us in our spiritual journey?

God puts specific people in our paths for reasons we sometimes understand and sometimes not. When you think of your involvement in the family called LifePoint, what people come to mind that cause you to be grateful for their love and influence?

Even if you were not around our church in the early days, you are an heir of the faithfulness of others who went before you. What do you need to be doing now to ensure that others in the future can stand on the shoulders of your faithfulness?

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