The Honor of Influence

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With our eyes set on Jesus we’re changing to become Christ-like influencers. But what is the purpose of that change? Certainly, we bring God glory when our lives more closely resemble His Son. But living like Jesus also means we’re able to influence others by the way we live. To be an influencer for good is one of life’s highest honors!

Can you think of a few people who influenced you the most? Who were they and how did they influence you for good?

Our This Is Us series has helped us take a closer look at the characteristics of a Christ-like influencer. Which of these qualities resonate with you the most? And in which of these do you have the most room for improvement? 1) Surrenders continually, 2) Loves extravagantly, 3) Invests relationally, 4) Gives generously, 5) Engages with God daily.

Read 1 John 3:2-3. From these verses how would you distinguish between your future (eternal) Christlikeness and your present (temporal) Christlikeness? What does it mean to be like Jesus forever and what does it mean to be like Jesus right now?

At LifePoint our mission is to influence people to find and follow Jesus. Explain in your own words what that statement means. How can we influence people? In what sense is influencing people for Jesus a high honor?

Real transformation comes only through Jesus. What does it mean to fix your eyes on Jesus (see Hebrews 12:1-2)? Carefully read 2 Corinthians 3:12-18. What comparison is Paul making here? How can a believer experience transformation?

Take a minute to imagine what could happen if those of us who call LifePoint our church home became people of Christ-like influence. What might this do for our church? For our community? For the world?