Things Happen When We’re Grateful

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We’ve seen what can happen when our church gives and serves and loves. We influence our surrounding region in profound ways. But we change too. We get influenced by our own acts of generosity and kindness toward others. But there’s another practice that can literally change our perspective and affect the way we live. We can be people who are rich in gratitude!

Gratitude is simple but not so easy. Why are some people very thankful and others are not? What are the biggest obstacles to gratitude? How about in your own life?

What thoughts and feelings do you have when you encounter someone who is continually grateful? Describe a person who is ungrateful. How does ingratitude affect others?

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:18. What does it mean to give thanks in everything?

Take a few minutes to practice gratitude by highlighting those things for which you are most grateful. Make sure you include the things you might easily overlook.

Notice the emphasis on thanksgiving in the Psalms (35:18, 69:30, 75:1, 79:13, 92:1-2, 105:1, 106:1). How does a person cultivate gratitude so that it becomes a natural part of a daily routine?

During our Be Rich series we’ve been privileged to cooperate with God as we gave and served and loved. Take a few minutes to thank God for the privilege of contributing and serving with others in our church.

Why does God want to use people to help people? How can our church continue to influence our surrounding communities?