Searching for Courage

by | Aug 13, 2023 | Searching for the Good Life, Sermon

On the surface, hearing God and following His commands seems straightforward. However, when God calls us to do something that generates fear in us and feels daunting, second-guessing His call becomes reasonable. Finding the courage to obey such a call is overwhelming. Today, we will explore the call God gave to Gideon and see how we can follow Gideon’s courage to obey God.

1. Courage is defined as the strength to do something that frightens us. Can you think of instances in your life where you have had to find courage?

2. When we seek God and listen to His voice, what are ways we know we hear His voice?

3. Gideon is often regarded as a hero of the faith, however, Gideon considers himself as ordinary and the least of his family. How does this way of thinking hinder us from hearing God?

4. What excuses or reasons have you relied on to avoid God’s call?

5. After reading the story of Gideon (found in Judges 6 & 7), did Gideon’s lack of courage keep God from calling Gideon? What does this teach us about our lack of courage when God calls us?

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