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Courageous Authenticity

We may have several roles we play in society: as a spouse, a parent, or a co-worker, to name a few. At the same time, there are cultural standards for what it means to be “good” at the various roles we find ourselves in.

New Life in Jesus Christ

New Life in Jesus Christ

Practical Christian living is built on the foundation of theological truth. Because we know that Jesus was raised from the dead, our identification with Him becomes real.

Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are

Compromise is everywhere. It’s a potential pitfall even for the most well-intentioned Christian. No wonder Paul reminds the Colossians to remember who they are in Christ.

Look Out & Look Up

Look Out & Look Up

As we survey our current surroundings, we find a wealth of perspectives on “how the world works.” Which of these ideas we embrace will determine how we act and behave.

Christmas Cards and Open Hearts

While I enjoy the tradition of both sending and receiving Christmas cards, the stress of getting a good family photo, updating my address list, getting to the post office, and praying that the cards are delivered on time can easily add more pressure to an already very hectic season. It’s hard to believe that custom of sending Christmas cards began to make the mail system more appealing to the common folk.

LifePoint Kids – December 5

In our first week, we start in Luke 1:5-25, 57-66, where we find Zechariah and Elizabeth. They were unable to have children. On top of that, they were older, and having a child of their own seemed impossible. Then one day, an angel came to Zechariah and told him that...

Light Work

Jon Acuff says, “A good tradition is like a speed bump. It slows you down and reminds you of years gone by.”

The tradition of hanging Christmas lights was literally slowing me down, keeping me from the other activities I would rather be doing. But this speed bump in my day also reminded me that Jesus is the light of the world (John 8:12). Where there is confusion, He offers clarity. Where there is death, He offers life. As I hung each bulb, Jesus’ words were being hung on me.

LifePoint Kids – November 28

This week, we head to something Paul wrote in2 Corinthians 8:1-5. The believers in Corinth had an opportunity to really help the people who were struggling in Jerusalem. Paul highlighted how the church in Macedonia donated freely, even though they were very poor. This...

Made Whole

I have also always been musically inclined. I’ve played many instruments, sang in various choruses and with friends who are in the music industry. I’m drawn to music. I think part of that is the certainty I experience when I hear it. I know that God exists when I hear music. Everything stills in my brain. It’s almost as if a ship comes out of a raging hurricane instantly into calm waters. There are no thoughts about bills, no worries about a family member or loved one’s health, and no irrational thoughts of what others think of me being single and childless at 41. My mind doesn’t wander, and everything seems to melt away.

LifePoint Kids – November 21

In week three, we head to Exodus 16:2-21, 17:1-7 with a look at how God’s people responded while they were traveling through the wilderness. God had rescued them from slavery in Egypt, yet when they found themselves in uncomfortable situations, they complained that...