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Avoiding Willful Defiance

Even Christians can behave badly. And the Bible acknowledges that a believer can walk away from Jesus all together. To treat God with this kind of contempt is a terrible act of defiance. In the fourth of five warnings in the book of Hebrews, the author tells us about the dangers of willful sin and the consequences we can expect. We must diligently seek to draw near to God to prevent our turning away.

The Danger of Falling Away

The Danger of Falling Away

Salvation is guaranteed the moment one believes Jesus for it. But becoming a Christian never guarantees that we’ll live like one. Spiritual maturity is not automatic. It requires diligent engagement with Jesus if we hope to change and grow.

Beware of Your Unbelief

Beware of Your Unbelief

Even Christians can be people of unbelief. Given tempting circumstances, we might cave under pressure and cease to follow God wholeheartedly.

Pay Careful Attention

Pay Careful Attention

Like other people, there’s a chance you have entertained thoughts about returning to an easier, more comfortable way of life—one that pushes God aside. When the pressure is on, even Christians can become disillusioned with following Jesus.

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God Sees A Mother

While few of life’s journeys are as rewarding as motherhood, those rewards are hard earned. In every up and down on that journey, God sees you.He sees you, just like He saw His own mother loving Him, teaching Him, worrying about Him, and crying when she couldn’t fix all of the pain and suffering He went through so that He could call you His forever.
He sees you, He knows you, and He loves you.

Beautiful, Hidden Ways

I had walked over that stick countless times and only ever seen a nuisance, Yet, right there on the other side of a 2×8 was something far more glorious and beautiful than clean steps: a home, a labor of love, and the miracle of new life. I have often thought of that stick and the poignant reminder that things aren’t always what they seem.

You Hear Me

The only thing that is needed is to believe. So simple, yet I almost missed it. It saddens me to know that our very human compulsion to add “things” to God’s promise of salvation happens because we think it can’t be as easy as it sounds. But it is that easy. And I love our great God for that.

Day 8: Jesus is Resurrected!

The journey of the cross was a nightmare for those who witnessed it first-hand, but one they couldn’t wake up from. As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, we reorient ourselves to our eternal reality – the grave has been defeated, death has lost its sting. When we feel lost, when the world feels too large and uncertain, Easter serves as a resounding alarm in which we reawaken to our King who is seated on His throne with glory and power.