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A Temple Without Walls

In the second chapter of his letter to the Ephesians, the Apostle Paul says that believers in Jesus are being built together into a holy temple in which God’s Spirit dwells. It’s a beautiful picture of unity and of believers bound together in peace. However, that...

Daily Joe


Christmas is a time of expectation. We expect traditions to continue, carols to be sung, and gifts to be given…until something unexpected changes everything. Hear what Joe Duke, our Senior Pastor, has to say about how unexpected moments can be life-changing.

Songs of Christmas

Daily Christmas Devotional

Celebrate Christmas with us all month long! Whether you break out the Christmas music in early November or prefer to wait, carols are a big part of the Christmas season. This December, we’re offering a daily devotional called The Songs of Christmas, written by LifePoint volunteers and staff. Every day from December 1 through 25, we’ll explore your favorite Christmas carols in a fresh way. 

The Final Victory

The Final Victory

Jesus is distinct from any other political leader. He is God in the flesh. He is a coming King. He will bring earthly powers into account. He will win the final victory. It’s not unusual these days to hear people ask, “Is this the end times.” Maybe. God tells us what...

A Model Citizen

A Model Citizen

More than almost anything else, Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God and that it was now available to everyone. He explained that those who trust Him become citizens of that Kingdom. Jesus also compared the Kingdom to a great treasure that someone would sell all they...

The Kingdom of God Now

The Kingdom of God Now

The kingdoms and empires of this world are small compared to God’s kingdom. God’s kingdom is active now. It sometimes operates in obscurity and ordinariness. It is unseen but real nonetheless. And God invites us to participate in this kingdom—to make seeking His...

Day 4: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Becoming a mother has been one of my deepest desires and it has yet to be fulfilled. I am still waiting. But this waiting and longing also serves as an invitation to seek our true desire: Jesus. I have been given the opportunity to draw near to God (James 4:8) instead of drawing back in my pain and frustration. Longing is a gift that enables me to reach out to God and show Him what is in my heart.

Celebrate Recovery Dec 3

There's a story in Daniel, chapter 3, about three young boys, Sadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo, who are thrown into a fiery furnace for daring to honor God by not bowing to a golden image.  But there was another in that fire with them.  Many believe it was God Himself,...

Day 3: Welcome to Our World

The appeal of becoming someone else for a time is a popular theme in fiction. Think of Cinderella, The Prince and the Pauper and The Parent Trap, where the protagonist either trades places with another or transforms into a different version of themselves. Most of the time, the result is a deeper understanding or a betterment of circumstances.

When Jesus was born, He chose to exchange His holy divinity for our humble humanity. He most certainly did not improve his circumstances; in fact, He willingly took on the limitations and pain of our human experience. He experienced hunger, exhaustion, betrayal, suffering, grief and all forms of temptation.

Day 2: We Three Kings

The three kings were likely highly esteemed in their culture, so to bring precious gifts to a baby was a sacrifice of their image. As we come to terms with our own sin, we come face to face with the reality that we are broken and in need of a gift — the gift Jesus gave to us on the cross.

Kids Experience November 29

Remember what Jesus has done for us.Today we see that Jesus took an old habit of gratitude—the Passover—and He turned it into a BRAND-NEW habit of gratitude: the Lord’s Supper or communion.  As we eat the bread and drink the juice, we remember what Jesus has done for...