Alpha Life

God’s Word makes it clear that orphans are close to His heart. Here at LifePoint, one of the ways our church family cares for orphans is through Alpha Life. We began a partnership with Alpha & Omega and Orphan Outreach to create this orphan ministry in Ukraine called Alpha Life. This weekend is a celebration of what God is doing through this partnership to care for orphans and share the love of Christ with them.

Discussion Questions

Psalm 68:5 calls God the “Father of the fatherless.” How should this impact our faith and everyday lives as believers and followers of Jesus?

One of the things James 1:27 tells believers to do is to care for orphans. What are some ways we can fulfill the call in James 1:27 besides adoption and foster care?

In Romans 8:15-16, Paul tells us that believers are all adopted in to God’s family. How can this reality help us better understand orphans and our connection to them?

Come and Die

When we believe, Jesus invites us to follow Him and live with Him as apprentices of His way. This is an invitation to come and die to ourselves in order to follow Him into a new life with the Father. To die to our sin, our brokenness, our plans to save ourselves, and...

Come and See

Jesus never insists that we clean up our lives before we can be rescued and redeemed. Thank God. Jesus, instead, invites us to take a closer look. To listen to the whispers of our curiosity. To come and see who He really is. Jesus is still inviting people to draw...

Becoming Unoffendable

Seems like there’s plenty to be upset about in our world. We can even get personally offended by the actions and comments of others around us. Here’s a radical, relational idea: What if you can become unoffendable? That’s right—unoffendable. It’s rare but possible....