We receive new life the moment we believe Jesus for it. But in order for that life to be experienced to the fullest we must cooperate with God in our spiritual growth. No one grows passively. When we cultivate the soil of our lives through deliberate, spiritual practices we can change for the good and become more like Jesus.

It’s normal for living things to grow. People come alive when they believe in Jesus for life. But if that newly planted seed is to grow, the soil must be cultivated and an environment created to support the process of maturity. Every person born anew through Jesus is expected to grow up. And the process of spiritual growth requires the help of the Holy Spirit and the cooperation of the one wanting to grow.

New life begins the moment you believe Jesus’ death was payment for your sins. Is it possible for a Christian to remain a spiritual baby? Why do some Christians grow up and others do not?

In our Cultivate series, we’re talking about how to prepare the soil of our lives to grow spiritually. Why is spiritual growth important? How have you grown spiritually in the last year? The last five years? What changes have you seen in yourself?

Read Luke 8:4-15. Describe each of the different soils. Which soil do you most closely resemble and why? Does every Christian bear fruit? Why or why not?

What is the role of the Holy Spirit in your spiritual growth. Read Romans 8:11 and explain the verse in your own words. What responsibility does a person have in the growth process? What spiritual disciplines are helping you grow?

A believer is held responsible to influence others for God’s glory. How does personal spiritual transformation lead to reaching out to others around you?

Take some time to evaluate your spiritual growth practices. What are you doing daily to move closer to God? What practices or disciplines would you recommend to others as being helpful in cultivating the soil of their lives in order to grow spiritually?