It’s easy to come into a church building, sing songs, listen to a message, and walk away thinking this is all there is to worshiping God. But what if God is telling us that worship is so much more than that? In Part 8 of Cultivate we explore what true worship really is, how God is calling us to live worship with our lives, and why worship truly matters!

In 1 Corinthians God calls us to do everything for His Glory. How have you lived for God’s glory rather than your own?

In what ways has God shown you comfort through His promises?

How does the definition of true worship differ from what you have believed about it?

Drew listed 4 ways worshiping God should change how you live everyday (it should make you Mission Minded, Humble, Secure and Grateful). Which one of these things do you feel you do well? Which of these things do you struggle with?

Paul talks about running the race of life with everything you have. If worship is truly our everyday lives, how have you been “leaving it all on the field”?

What are some things you can do to abandon yourself and give it all to Jesus on the weekend during worship?