Your Number One Goal

by Jun 3, 2018Baptism, Sermon

Life presents us with no shortage of priorities to populate our goal lists. Have you cut through the alternatives to land on what’s most important for you? What’s your number one goal? It’s no surprise that God points us toward a single, focused direction. And baptism is just one way to live out this most important goal.

Discussion Questions

What are the most popular goals people set for their lives?

You never have to have a goal for God to love you. Why? (Reflect on John 3:16, 1 John 4:8, Psalm 86:15, Romans 8:37-39)

One goal stands out for the person who wants to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. Read 2 Corinthians 5:9. Why is the goal of pleasing God the most important goal in life?

How is the practice of baptism a way we can please God? Read Matthew 28:18-20. What are you marching orders as one who follows Jesus?

Read Acts 8:26-40. Why was the eunuch from Ethiopia baptized? Notice verse 36. What “hinders” people from being baptized? Describe your own decision to be baptized.

When pleasing God becomes our goal, we’ll hold back nothing from following Jesus. Is there anything holding you back from pleasing God? What changes do you need to experience before you follow Jesus unhindered?

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