Becoming Unoffendable

by Sep 1, 2019Relate-Able, Sermon

Seems like there’s plenty to be upset about in our world. We can even get personally offended by the actions and comments of others around us. Here’s a radical, relational idea: What if you can become unoffendable? That’s right—unoffendable. It’s rare but possible. Through Jesus working in us, it’s possible to deflect hurt over offenses. It’s possible to find power over anger and bitterness. It’s possible to enjoy the freedom of becoming unoffendable!

Discussion Questions

Describe the thoughts and feelings you experience when you’re offended by someone (by some action or offensive words spoken against you).

When offended, we might feel hurt, anger or revenge. Describe the destructive nature of each of these responses.

Jesus gives a specific description and warning to the disciples regarding the end of the age. Read Matthew 24:10-12. What do you notice about this progression that begins with being offended?

Jesus was the perfect example of one who was unoffendable. How do Jesus’ words in Luke 23:34 illustrate His unoffendable nature?

Read Proverbs 19:11. In what sense is glory found in overlooking an offense? Can you recall a situation in which you overlooked an offense?

Pick a particular circumstance and describe your journey from being offended to offering forgiveness. Were there discernable steps in that process? How do empathy and forgiveness help you become unoffendable?

How might becoming unoffendable produce freedom within you? What other benefits might you realize by becoming unoffendable?

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