Day 11

Five Proverbs about Generosity

from the Proverbs reading plan

Read the Word

Proverbs 11:24-25 | Proverbs 19:17 | Proverbs 22:9 | Proverbs 28:22 | Proverbs 28:27


When it comes to investing, we like to be able to see the return in our investment. If we spend time shopping around for the best deal on our next pair of running shoes, we want to be able to find a bargain that makes the time well-spent. If we work all day preparing a lavish meal for our family or for guests, we hope that they will express their enjoyment or appreciation.

God’s economy, however, doesn’t necessarily work that way. When we are generous with our time, our talents or our treasure, we don’t always get to see the immediate result of our investment. Yet in Proverbs we see that there are clear rewards to being generous and clear consequences to being closefisted. When we give to others, we are actually giving to God, the proverb-writer tells us (19:17). If we are stingy, we may miss out on potential blessings given to the generous. 

But it’s still challenging to follow God’s principles of generosity in a world that lives by cost-benefit analysis. There aren’t guaranteed outcomes or returns for our investment. True generosity flows from a position of gratitude for all the immeasurable blessings the Father has given us. Instead of giving to receive,  we should be generous because we have received so much already.


When is it easy for you to be generous? Do you find it easier to freely give of your time, your talent or your money when you receive a clear reward or blessing?

When is it hard for you to be generous? Why?

If you’ve struggled lately with generosity, write out Proverbs 11:25 and put it someplace where you’ll see it often.