In The Quiet

by Jul 20, 2020LP Students Devo, Students

“The people stood far off, while Moses drew near to the thick darkness where God was.” 

Exodus 20:21


When I think of darkness, I think of quiet, stillness, and a heightened awareness to everything around me. But I’m not always comfortable being still or quiet. I prefer distractions that are loud and flashing (Netflix, Xbox, and my Insta feed) to places that are still and quiet. I’m not alone. Israel stood off from the stillness and quiet that Moses entered. But Moses approached that thick darkness, that place of stillness and quiet, to gain a heightened awareness of God’s presence.


Often, we want God to show up in big, flashes-of-light, burning-bush ways. We want God to be loud and flashing. But more often than not, God waits in quiet and stillness. He waits for us to remove our distractions so all our senses might be heightened and aware to His presence. So, what are some quiet places in your life where you can be still and meet deeply with God?


God, you are worthy of all my attention. Help me remove all distractions from this moment. Clear all the thoughts running through my mind so I can be fully present to you. In this time, would you give me a greater awareness of your presence in this place. If you have something to tell me, I am here to listen. (After taking time in stillness, go back an write down anything you think God has told you during this time.)

Love Thy Neighbor

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