The Problem of Injustice and Suffering

by | Jun 18, 2023 | Reason for God, Sermon

If God is loving and all-powerful, then why is there injustice, suffering, and pain in the world? This is a difficult question, and it represents one of the most difficult reasons people struggle with believing in God. In this message, we will examine a secular worldview that says the existence of injustice proves that a loving and all-powerful God doesn’t exist. We’ll compare that view to what God’s Word says about pain and suffering and the role they play in the Christian’s life.

Before listening to this sermon, how would you explain why God allows injustice and suffering?

Read Romans 8:18-28 and 2 Cor. 4:16-17. What do these verses have to say about our suffering, how we deal with it, and what purpose it might have?

What are some examples of suffering in your life and how have they impacted your faith in God?

There are Christians around the world that are currently being persecuted because they believe in Jesus and live according to God’s Word. How do you make sense of extraordinary faith where there is extraordinary suffering?

Jesus suffered incredible injustice and pain before his death on the cross. In the hours leading up to his arrest, (Mark 14:33-34, Luke 22:44) Jesus was in agony and overwhelmed with sorrow. How can this influence your own experience in life?

Unimaginable eternal life with no pain, suffering, or death awaits believers. Think about that for a minute. What comes to your mind? How can this promise of God help you now?

For more on this topic, check out this sermon from Andy Stanley.

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