It’s easy to get swept downstream in the current of consumerism. In a me-oriented society, our lives can instinctively become all about us—our money, our time, our pleasure. But the one wishing to follow Jesus and walk as He walked will eventually be confronted with a simple reality: you can’t serve God without serving others.

In what ways does our culture pressure us toward consumerism? How might a “me-oriented” perspective get carried over into our church experience?

What do pizza delivery and Netflix have in common? Hint: think privacy and individualism. What are the benefits and consequences of privacy and individualism?

Read Mark 10:45. Why is Jesus’ example of servanthood significant for you? Now read Galatians 5:13. What are the greatest obstacles to your serving others?

In what sense is the following statement true: You can’t serve God without serving others? What insights can you discover from Matthew 25:35-40 and 1 John 4:20?

One of the secrets of experiencing the joy of serving others is through the use of your spiritual gift. What is a spiritual gift? Read 1 Peter 4:10 and Romans 12:6. What do you think your spiritual gift might be?

Remember the foundational verse for our Be Rich series (1 Timothy 6:18)? What are some ways you can serve others and Be Rich in good deeds?