Rich in Gratitude

by Nov 26, 2017Be Rich 2017, Sermon

During our Be Rich series, our church has been mobilized toward radical generosity, acts of service and simple gestures of kindness. But it’s possible to be rich in another area that often gets neglected. In each of us lies a capacity of enormous power. It’s a power that can redirect your daily routine and alter the course of your life. It’s the power of gratitude!

Discussion Questions

Gratitude is simple but not so easy. Why are some people very thankful and others are not? What are the biggest obstacles to gratitude? How about in your own life?

Take a few minutes to practice gratitude by highlighting those things for which you are most grateful. Make sure you include the things you might easily overlook.

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:18. What does it mean to give thanks in everything?

Notice the emphasis on thanksgiving in the Psalms (35:18, 69:30, 75:1, 79:13, 92:1-2, 105:1, 106:1). How does a person cultivate gratitude so that it becomes a natural part of a daily routine?

Why is it important not only to thank God for what He has done but also for who He is? What is the difference between God’s provision and His presence?

How is it possible to be thankful to God and praise Him in every situation? Read Habakkuk 3:17-18. Describe the circumstances the prophet includes in these verses. What discouraging challenges have you faced recently? How can gratitude help you navigate those circumstances?

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