Kristen Staggers

A Traditional Christmas

Every year when I pull out our personalized Christmas ornament from 2009, I laugh at the hilariously botched spelling. Getting a personalized ornament that represents something about our year is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Traditions bring comfort and belonging.  They help us feel connected to our families and to the past.  

Leading Your Family’s Spiritual Journey

During these times, parents can be called to spiritually lead their families in a way that they haven’t had to before. If your kids aren’t able to attend Sunday classes, small groups, or church events, that doesn’t mean that their spiritual journey has to be on pause.

Parenting During A Crisis

Coronavirus has changed all of our lives almost overnight. Wouldn’t it be great if years down the road, our kids look back on this time and their overarching memory is that they felt safe even in the midst of the chaos and confusion?