Light of Joy

by | Dec 24, 2022 | Christmas, Christmas 2022, Sermon, Shine a Light

The wise men followed the light of a star toward Jesus. Have you ever wondered how they decided to make that long journey following light from a star and who these wise men were? Maybe you have more in common with them than you realize. How could responding to God’s light in your life generate joy and create opportunities to share that light with others?

What makes Christmastime special to you?  
Read Matthew 2:1-12, and if you can make time all of Matthew chapter 2.  

Read Isaiah 60:1-2 and Numbers 24:17. (You may want to read all of Balaam’s story from Numbers 22-24). How do these passages shed light on Jesus’ birth in Matthew chapter 2?

What can you learn from the story of the wise men? How does their story encourage andor challenge you?

When you remember that only imperfect people find and follow Jesus, how does your perspective change about yourself and about others?

How is Jesus calling you to believe or find your next step to follow him right now?

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