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Knowing Yourself and Your God

Getting to know God ranks high on the list of life’s most meaningful quests. God has revealed Himself to us. He is knowable. And we can grow to know Him in deeper and deeper ways.

Resource Resort

Resources to rest and restore the soul

Where You Do Not Want to Go

Where You Do Not Want to Go

Saying that Jesus is Lord, implies surrendering to His will over ours. No matter how you frame it, surrender is frightening. When we surrender, we are vulnerable. When we surrender someone else determines our path and can take us where we do not want to go.

Aware of the Dangers

Aware of the Dangers

Temptation is real. And so is the danger of making sinful choices that displease the Lord of our lives. Fortunately for our sakes, others before us have made unfortunate choices that we can learn from.

Upside Down Authority

Upside Down Authority

When you think of the word authority, what comes to mind? You might think of someone who used their authority to control or manipulate you. If that’s the case, the word authority may cause a negative reaction. But…

Kids Experience – May 16

Prayer is such a huge part of our training plan.Today we will hear an example from Jesus as to how to pray.  Jesus’ prayer gave us the perfect example of the way we can pray to God. We don’t have to just pray about the things we want or need. We can take time to honor...

The Influence Of Our Words

Sometimes I forget that my words have power. Too often, I’ve said something hurtful because I didn’t fully weigh my words ahead of time. Or, when I could have used my words to give comfort or encouragement, I’ve opted to withhold them because I was afraid of overstepping or was too wrapped up in my own concerns.

Words have the power to influence other people. With our words, we can convince someone of the truth, change a person’s attitude or spur them to action.

A Mental Spring Clean

LifePoint member Andrea Phillips struggled for a long time to enjoy Mother’s Day, due to the strained relationship she has with her own mentally ill mother. Andrea couldn’t change the relationship she had with her mother, but she could change her mindset towards Mother’s Day, helping her and her family see the day of a celebration of all that God has provided.

A simple change of perspective is often all we need redirect our thoughts to a better place. Here are some things you can do to reset your own mindset this spring.

Kids Experience – May 9

Make the wise choice.We can hear from God by reading the Bible. As we read the Bible, we can get to know God better. We can find out how to make the wise choice. We can remember what’s most important in life . . . and we can also think about things that we might need...

Small Things

I bought a gift – two slender bracelets, perfect for my sweet friend. Yet, when I went to wrap the gift, it didn’t feel like enough. It felt… small. I tried to muster ideas to add to it, to make it more. Surely, I couldn’t give a gift in a small box. There had to be more, right? It seemed insignificant, like it was lacking.

Why aren’t we okay with small things?

A Spring Clean At Home

The global popularity of spring cleaning, as well as the tradition’s longevity, should be enough to tell you it’s worth partaking in. 1 Corinthians 14:33 tells us that our God is a god of peace and not disorder. Being organized can bring calmness and peace into our homes and lives.
But being organized can be easier said than done. Many of us are guilty of walking past a household drawer, closet, or room, purposefully ignoring that fact that it is overdue for a good weeding. We hope that these suggestions encourage you to get your home “swept clean and put in order” (Luke 11:25).

Kids Experience – May 2

Each day, we can LIVE out what we believe...This month we will be talking about Running a Race - We have a lot to learn about how to run a good race, and how to follow Jesus! Paul said, ‘We do it to get a crown that will last forever.’ (1 Corinthians 9:25, NIrV)  We...