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You Are Above All

God invites us to authentically express what we’re feeling when we ponder life’s realities. Many of these expressions are recorded for us in the Psalms—the songbook of the Bible. Psalm 8 is a Psalm of praise. In it, David encourages us to instinctively look up and...

The Psalms are the songbook of the Bible and a record the heart’s deepest longings and vulnerabilities. The writers of these inspired songs remind us that godly affirmations and raw emotions serve to move us into God’s presence. The Psalms show us that God invites us to unleash the overflow of our hearts in His direction—the joys and sorrows, hurts and hopes, confidence and fear. Whatever is in your heart, sing it out to God who is eager to welcome you into His presence.

Hidden for All to See

Hidden for All to See

The arrival of God to earth could have been the most extravagant welcome ever seen—an all-out effort for an over-the-top celebration. But it didn’t happen that way. A few private announcements confirmed the arrival of Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah. But the Savior’s...

The Gift of Christ

The Gift of Christ

The love of material things often steals our attention. This leads us to focus on growing our collection of possessions, even thinking that those items can somehow provide authentic, deep life satisfaction. And when our idea of Christmas revolves around a misplaced...

It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas

It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas

We generally associate Christmas as being a season of joy and celebration, but many of us experience deep feelings of grief and loneliness during Christmas. That grief and loneliness grows as we tell ourselves we should be feeling positive emotions instead. If that’s...

Kids Experience January 24

Make the most of what you've been given.When Jesus told the story we will hear this week,  everyone listening would have known exactly what He meant. The message was clear: those who are responsible with what they’ve been given will be trusted and given more. But...

Not Forgotten

As the global Church, we can lead in kindness and trust of the One we know holds the world together. God hasn’t forgotten us. He sees our country’s turmoil and He sees our personal turmoil — offering comfort, love, and peace to all.

Kids Experience January 17

We can work hard. This week we hear some wise advice from Solomon (see Proverbs 6:6-8).  We can do our best at whatever we are doing. We can work hard.  Hard work is one way we can show love to God—and to the people He made. This week we hear about a Rule for Life...


The thing is, I often feel like a climber… searching, scaling, scrambling through life. Our world sometimes feels so upside down, so non-sensical. Hearts are heavy. Situations are scary. People opinionate. Anger rises. Relationships splinter. Illness invades. Decisions weighed. Businesses close. Kids are isolated. A country never more divided. How did we even get here?

Common Cents Part One: Finances and Faith

The relationship between our finances and our faith is often perceived as a complicated one. While many of us have no issues trusting God in most aspects of our lives, many us struggle to do this when it comes to money. However, the relationship between finances and our faith is one worth understanding.