Your Life with God

Your Life with God

Salvation is often viewed as a singular “event” or moment in our lives. By God’s grace, we receive salvation by believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus to save us. There is a sense in which this is absolutely true, from the moment of belief we are saved...

New Direction

New Direction

When we find ourselves moving in a certain direction and focused on our goals, it can be jarring to feel like God suddenly is taking us in a new direction. It's hard to consider that what we are currently building is no longer necessary or worse, futile all along. We...

A New Song

A New Song

Songs are powerful things. The combine melody and harmony. They express both truth and emotion. They can fill us with joy and hope or with lament and sorrow. Through the beauty of song we worship, we celebrate, and we mourn. In the Psalms, the worship songs of the...

Coping in Crisis: Five Ways to Maintain Mental Health

No one wants to have mental health issues, but the truth is that life can be painful and difficult at times. As humans, we can and do break. While we can’t control how or when this will happen, we can control how we respond when it does. Here are five things that can help us cope and maintain good mental health during a time of difficulty.

The Truth About Self-Care

Self-care can be a difficult concept to accept. As believers in Jesus it can be hard to grasp the idea of focusing on yourself because of the biblical principles we are taught. Self-care can seem like a self-centered or self-serving enterprise in light of the values of selflessness, generosity, and sacrificial love that we uphold. But let me assure you that giving attention to yourself is neither self-centered nor selfish

A New Mind

There is a powerful connection between how we think and how we live. We’re not always aware of those connections, but what we think about and how we think about it directs our actions and responses. The Bible draws a direct connection between spiritual transformation...

A Good Old Age

Family involves many times and seasons of life. Our roles within our family change, but each role and each season is part of God's plan for family. If we're fortunate, one day we'll find ourselves in the last season - Old Age. While this is a season some of us would...

A Time For Everything

This global pandemic personally impacts our current season. For essential workers and moms with young children, this could be a season of exhaustion. For parents working from home or small business owners this could be a season of stress. For others it could be a season of rest, fear, discouragement or loneliness.

Sabbath Rest

Jesus tells us to come to him and find rest, to take His yoke and learn from Him. We are all weary. We are all burdened. Yet it is up to us to pick up His yoke – His yoke of wisdom and rest. We need to choose it.

One Last Thing

Last words are important words. Books have been written and lists compiled about the last things that famous and influential people have said. This week in our study of 2 Timothy, the Apostle Paul will write his last and most important words to Timothy, his protégé....

Begin with the Rocks

In order to focus on “being,” I needed to be willing to let go of “doing.” The two are mutually exclusive. I needed to quiet not just my body, but also my mind.


Peace. We sing songs about it. We march for it. Demonstrate for it. Hold conferences about it and create think tanks to create it. We long for it. But it remains elusive. We live in a world broken by war, poverty, hatred, and illness, making peace seem impossible. Yet...

Seeing the Stars

As darkness fell, it enveloped us. I looked up. There above us was a blanket of stars. Literally thousands. They were the brightest stars I’d ever seen. We pulled off the side of the road to stop the car so we could both just stare at the sky. It truly was incredible.