God’s Secret for You

by | Mar 6, 2022 | Secrets of God, Sermon

Some of the secrets God keeps are meant to be revealed but only to His friends. And one secret, in particular, is meant for you and you alone. It’s an individual secret revealed to each overcomer—one who faithfully lives for Jesus. A secret prepared by God. A secret especially for you. The anticipation of this special secret can serve to motivate us to live in a way that pleases God now as we share this secret with Him for all eternity.

We each want to know we’re special to God. What would you most want to hear God say to you? What have you already heard God say to you that you hold onto as a special reminder?

In Part 2 of this series, we discovered that the secret to learning God’s secrets is friendship with Him (See John 15:13-15). What does it mean for you to be a friend of God? How would you describe that friendship?

Read Revelation 2:17. What might the “hidden manna” be? (Compare John 6:48-51) What is the evidence that suggests an overcomer is a faithful Christian who diligently pursues Jesus? (Compare for some clues Rev. 2:7, 23, 26, 3:21)

In Revelation 2:17, what is God’s special secret just for you if you overcome?

If you could imagine a name that God might give you, what are some names you would like to hear? How might the way you live now affect the outcome of the name God chooses to give you?

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