Resistance Training

by | Jan 23, 2022 | Grow Up, Sermon

Our muscles grow stronger when we repeatedly push against a weight or force. Similarly, as followers of Jesus, we can grow spiritually stronger when we encounter resistance. Today, we’ll identify the three primary forces that push against us on our path towards spiritual growth and, more importantly, how we push back.

What are some of the things you believe are true about God or yourself (i.e. I’m a happy person or God is loving)? As you think about those things, it may be helpful to write them down so you can evaluate them.

From your list, how do you know whether or not those things are true? Next to each statement on your list, write down where that idea came from. If it came from Scripture, write down the verse(s) so you can reference them.

Has there ever been a time when your actions didn’t align with your beliefs? Why do you think that happened? What was the result?

Read Ephesians 2:1-10. Our actions don’t always align with our beliefs, but God’s love for us doesn’t change. In this passage, what does Paul remind the Ephesians about who God is and who they are? Why do you think he reminds them of these things instead of giving them a list of things to do or not to do?

As you read the Bible over the next few days, months, or years, consider keeping your list handy. Every time you come across a passage that talks about who God is and who He created you to be, add it to the list of things you know to be true. Maybe there is someone in your life who will need to hear the same truth you discovered.

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