In the Garden

by | Mar 26, 2023 | Mark's Gospel, Sermon

What does faithfulness look like in the face of our temptations and weakness? Along with Jesus’ disciples, we can learn and grow in faithfulness as we follow Jesus to the last supper and into prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Read Mark 14:32-42, and if you can make time the expanded passage from verses 12-72.

Imagine that you are present in this story. What can you see, hear, taste, feel, and smell?

Did you hear anything from the message or the passage that sparks interest or excitement, disagreement or challenge?

Can you remember how a severe problem from your life experience actually helped strengthen your relationship with Jesus. What was that like?

Is there an experience or part of your life that you would rather avoid or have removed from you? How can you offer that part of your life up to God for him to use for your good and his glory? What would it look like for you to trust yourself and that part of your life to God?

What might Jesus be saying to you from Jesus’ experience in the garden or the message from Sunday?

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