Can you keep a secret? Maybe you can or maybe not. Secrets are mysterious, hidden, and concealed sometimes for good reason. But sometimes secrets are meant to eventually be revealed. Do you think God keeps secrets? Of course, He does. Some of God’s secrets we will never know even when we’re with Him forever. But some of God’s secrets we can discover now. But He doesn’t reveal them cheaply.

Why would God, who wants people to know more about who He is, keep secrets? Read Deuteronomy 29:29. What secrets do you think God has revealed to you?

Read Proverbs 25:2. How are you searching out the things of God? What do you wish God would tell you that He hasn’t? Any ideas why God might be hiding those things from you?

What is the difference between worldly wisdom and God’s wisdom? Read 1 Corinthians 2:6-12. What are the deep things of God that He has revealed to believers?

Why will we never fully comprehend God and His ways? What are your take-a-ways from Romans 11:33?

What is God’s role and your role in discovering God’s secrets? How might you converse with someone who is still in the “dark” and clueless about who God is?

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